What is the feature of PCB and PCBA

August 27 , 2021

PCB for full name printed circuit board, some people also called  Printed wire board. As we all know that electronic products are inseparable from PCBs, which makes PCBs widely used, but PCBs have many characteristics. High precision. For decades, with the development of integrated circuit board integration and mounting technology, the high density of printed circuit boards has been developed. It also has high reliability. Through a series of tests, the PCB can be used and worked for a long time. It can also be designed according to customer requirements, and the product time can be shortened through standardization and standardization of design.

PCBA full name is call Printed Circuit Board Assembly. Some people don't know what the main function is, which will affect the overall use effect in the future. If we can learn more about the product from many different angles, the choices we make will actually have more guarantees, then let us now take a look at the specific characteristics of the products we have chosen.

The assembly density of PCBA is relatively high, the volume of electronic products is relatively small, and the weight is relatively light. There will be some changes in the specific patch. Among them, the reliability is high, the earthquake resistance is strong, the defect rate of the solder joints is relatively low, and the high frequency characteristics It will be very good. It does reduce the interference caused by all aspects of the use process, and can bring us more protection, so everyone must actively consider these actual conditions.

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